Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photography + Vintage Clothes

I've always loved the camera. I've been a fan of taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I am not, however, a photographer, and I don't know a whole lot when it comes to photography. Lucky for me I'm a fast learner, and ever better yet, I'm pretty damn good at teaching myself how to do things.

Fawn & Doe Vintage has had a tapered start. By this I mean we started getting inventory first before anything else, including storage or a new mannequin. Next came the mannequin, and finally an armoire (we already need another one!) but we still only had a phone or point and shoot camera for photographing our goods. We finally were able to borrow an amazing camera, but it turns out most of our free time for taking photos is at night, and our apartment is a cave. No matter how many lamps we grabbed from every room and scattered strategically, the photos were still fairly dark (even after fixing them up.) Our walls are beige, which doesn't help, and we had no actual fluorescent lights.

A few days ago I decided to go to Home Depot and get some paint so I could paint a wall that we would use for photographing clothing against. I opted for a very light grey. I didn't want to do white because I want some kind of contrast for light or white colored garments, and grey is one of my favorites, so it was a win-win. Tonight I went out and bought some clamp lights and found lightbulbs that were the closest things I could get to natural daylight. As I said before, I don't know much about photography, which means I don't know much about light placement. Shadows were my enemy tonight, they were everywhere! At one point I threw in the towel and said something along the lines of "forget it, I'll wait until Spencer gets home", but I kept getting up to mess with the lights again. I finally got rid of the shadows (for the most part) and I ended up with some pretty great photos. I have the entire weekend free, and Spencer is working all weekend (sad face,) so I'm going to do some research and get even better at taking these photos.

I love out little faux studio space. You'd never know from the photographs that it's just our living room! 

Check out some of the photos I took (which are also going to be listed on Etsy soon!):
This was round two. Still some shadows, but not as bad!
Houndstooth Pleated Dress - Size 6 - $59.99
These photos are the ones I am most proud of (and this jacket is super ah-mazing)
Military inspired tuxedo wool blazer - Size 6 - $69.99


  1. Found you from BBN! Looks great! I too am struggling with teaching myself photography. I think you did a great job - especially for your products which tend to be important in order to sell!

  2. Hi Yelle! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Photography is getting easier (though it will be much easier when we have more room to work with!) & thank you! We got 3 cheap clamp lights and fluorescent daylight lightbulbs (the highest wattage I could find at Home Depot) for about $40, and it's seeming to work out just fine. I'm happy with the look of the shop right now, and it'll only get better with practice!

  3. Hi Jessica
    Love your blog - and the photography looks pretty good to me - and what absolutely gorgeous clothes.
    Kate x